Risk Assessments are an important aspect of a good Chemical Management System. Risk Assessments will help facilities in identifying Chemical Hazards, evaluating asociated risks and implementing control measures to mitigate them.


This training course gives an overview of various regulatory requirements such as chemical restrictions and environmental permits. It also addresses methodologies for assessment of risks involved in Chemical Purchasing, Use, Storage, Handling and Disposal in a manufacturing facility. Learners will get to know the methods to conduct Regulatory Assessments, Chemical Risk and Hazard Assessments using information provided on a Chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS). They will also understand Supply Chain Assessments. 


The content of this Training course is based on ZDHC's CMS Technical Industry Guide (TIG). The training is self-paced; hence it is up to the participants to complete the training as per their own time. The participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ on successfully completing the training course. The duration of this training is around 1 hour. The training provides additional downloadable resource materials.


This Training course is organised in the following sections:

  • Section 1 - Introducing the various Assessments to be conducted in a Facility for Chemicals Management 
  • Section 2 - Regulatory Assessments and Chemical Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Section 3 - Assessing your Supply Chain: Raw Material and Chemical Suppliers 
  • Section 4 - Assessing Alternative Chemicals 



3800 INR

Each At




5 Days


  • Chemical Experts
  • Chemical Responsible Persons
  • Compliance Managers in Dyehouses and Textile Mills
  • Production / Operational Managers


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