Product stewardship is an approach to managing the environmental impacts of different products and materials and at different stages in their production, use and disposal. It focusses on the Product itself, through various stages of its lifecycle.


Within this course category, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of various topics, including:


- Hazards covered under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

- Hazard Communication

- Transportation of Dangerous Goods

- Chemical Management Legislations and Initiatives, and much more.


NimkarTek’s highly interactive series of 10 e-learning courses provides the participant comprehensive overview of fundamentals of Product Stewardship. It will teach you the roles of a Product Steward, fundamentals of regulatory compliance including the EU REACH regulation, risk assessments and role of various initiatives taken by the Textile and Leather Chemicals Industry. The course has a strong focus on understanding the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling and understanding the GHS Safety Data Sheets 


Individuals who complete the Product Stewardship training will gain competencies that will enable them to classify Hazards associated with the Product thereby minimizing human health and ecological impacts. By enrolling in these courses, chemical manufacturers and suppliers can enhance their ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, effectively communicate hazards associated with their products, and ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods. Moreover, they will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various legislations and initiatives governing chemical management, enabling them to stay compliant and contribute to a safer and more sustainable industry.


The certificate program is designed for junior, mid-level and executive-level professionals who which to expand their knowledge of Product Stewardship. 




The course has been designed under the guidance of Dr. Dileep Wakankar. Dr Wakankar is a recognized environmental and health chemical legislative and regulatory expert. He has significant diverse experience in R&D,  Quality Control, Technical Sales and Product Stewardship in several multinational companies. He has broad experience in managing EHS systems and Authoring Safety Data Sheets. Dr. Wakankar is a recognized expert in the EU REACH Legislation.




  • E-Learning course (Self-paced Learning)
  • 10 training courses
  • Each Course duration: 120 minutes
  • Interactive and engaging technical content
  • Activities and exercises to enhance the learning experience
  • Access to learner guides and additional industry resources
  • The Exam must be taken after completing all 10 Courses
  • Certificate on successfully completing the Exam 



NimkarTek Online Training Program on Product Stewardship is organized into 10 courses. 

These are:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Product Stewardship
  • Course 2: Understanding of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling.
  • Course 3: Fundamentals of GHS – Safety Data Sheet
  • Course 4: Physical Hazards (GHS)
  • Course 5: Health Hazards (GHS)
  • Course 6: Environmental Hazards (GHS)
  • Course 7: UN transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Course 8: Chemical Management Legislation & Inventories
  • Course 9: EU REACH Legislation
  • Course 10: Industry Initiatives for Chemical Management.


45000 INR

Each At




90 Days


  • Supply Chain Personnel
  • Chemical Manufacturers and Formulators
  • Chemical Suppliers and Traders
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Personnel
  • Regulatory Compliance Officials
  • Product Development Personnel


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