A Chemical Inventory List (CIL) is an integral part and the first step in establishing a good Chemical Management System.


A comprehensive Chemical Inventory List serves as a database for all Chemicals present or used in your Facility. A good Chemical Inventory List will assist facilities with the following -

• Identify the presence of Hazardous Chemicals 

• Track Chemical Usage 

• Identify locations where various chemicals are stored 

• Eliminate duplicate Chemicals and make informed purchasing decisions

• Increase Traceability and 

• Reduce disposal costs 


This Training on 'Setting up a Chemical Inventory List (CIL)' will give Learners a brief overview on the importance of a robust CIL and provide step by step details on how to set up your Facility CIL.


The training is delivered in an interactive and engaging format. The time required to complete this training is around 60 minutes. The content of this course is based on ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide (TIG). Learners will receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ on completing this training course and the exam.



The Training is organised in 4 Sections - 

  1. Section 1 - Importance of Chemical Inventory in Chemical Management Systems
  2. Section 2 - Introducing the ZDHC Chemical Inventory Lists (CIL)
  3. Section 3 - Explaining Foundational, Progressive and Aspirational CIL
  4. Section 4 - Setting your facility CIL using Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS)




3600 INR

Each At




5 Days


  • Chemical Responsible Persons
  • Dyehouses, Garment Washing Units and Leather Tanneries
  • Production Managers
  • Purchase and Store Managers


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