Course Overview

The ZDHC Wastewater Management is a training program designed to improve your understanding of Wastewater Management and the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines Document. 


The training is divided into 3 Training Courses – 

1. Course 1 – ZDHC and ZDHC Guidelines

2. Course 2 – Wastewater Testing and Conformance 

3. Course 3 – Effluent Treatment Plan (ETP) Management 



Course Structure

Course Content:

1. Introduction to ZDHC, including its mission, vision, approach and tools.

2. Introduction to the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines, including sampling and testing requirements

3. Sampling Requirements on Accordance with the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines

4. Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan

5. Commonly Available Wastewater Treatment Technology

6. Call for Action, including the use of the ZDHC Gateway Wastewater Module and Future Complementary Webinars


The intended audience of this course are: 

• ETP managers and technicians, 

• EHS managers, 

• Operational managers and 

• Chemical experts.


Training Duration – 3 Courses of 1.5 hour each.


Registration Process – 

1. Interested Learners must register for this Course on the ZDHC Academy 

2. On registration, NimkarTek will register you on the NOTES Platform

3. You can purchase the Training from the NOTES Platform using a Credit Card or through Bank Transfer 

4. Once you purchase the Training, you have an access of 5 days, within which you can access the Online Training as many times as you please. 

5. Once you complete the Training, you will need to take the Exam on the ZDHC Academy. You have 2 attempts. The Exam shall be completed within 6 weeks after purchasing this training on the NOTES platform. 

6. If you get a score of 75 percentage, you will be awarded a Certificate from the ZDHC Academy. 


Good luck! 


15000 INR

Each At



NimkarTek Wastewater Management Training Program aims to provide increased knowledge and understanding regarding Wastewater Treatment Processes, along with guidance and tips for conformance to ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines. 


Participants will get a Certificate from the ZDHC Academy.

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