The ZDHC Wastewater Management is a training program designed to improve your understanding of Wastewater Management, the ZDHC Wastewater and Sludge Guidelines Document and how to implement them.


The training includes a high level introduction to sampling and testing requirements. Participants will learn more about the principles of conducting Root Cause Analysis, implement Corrective Action Plans and treatment of Sludge. 


The training is organized into 3 interactive, E-learning courses.



  • E-Learning course (Self-paced Learning)
  • Training time per course: 90 minutes
  • Interactive and engaging technical content.
  • Activities and exercises to enhance the learning experience
  • Access to learner guides and additional industry resources
  • The Exam must be taken through the ZDHC Academy
  • Certificate on completion from ZDHC Academy 


Participant Interaction:

In order to get the best out of this Program, Participants are expected to engage in all Course interactivities such as Exercises, Quizzes and Case Studies. 



The ZDHC Wastewater Management training is organized into 3 training courses - 


Course 1: Introducing ZDHC and ZDHC Guidelines

  • Introduction to ZDHC, including its mission, vision, approach, and tools.
  • Introduction to the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.
  • Introduction to the Sludge Treatment


Course 2: Wastewater Testing Conformance

  • Sampling Requirements
  • Testing Requirements
  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plans


Course 3: Effluent Treatment Plant Management

  • Commonly Available Wastewater Treatment Technology
  • Call for Action, including the use of the ZDHC Gateway Wastewater Module




Registration Process – 

  1. Sign-up on the ZDHC Academy.
  2. Login to NOTES and purchase the Training using a Credit /Debit Card or through Bank Transfer. (Please note – the ZDHC Certification fee is included in the training charges)
  3. Launch the training through ‘My Courses’ tab.
  4. Take the Exam on the ZDHC Academy (2 Attempts; benchmark score 75%)
  5. Obtain the Certificate from the ZDHC Academy


For more information, please visit the Support Page.


Good luck! 



15000 INR

Each At




30 Days


  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Managers and Technicians
  • Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Chemical Experts


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