Course Overview

There are approximately 8,000 chemicals being used in the Textile and Leather supply chain. Some of these chemicals are hazardous to Human Health and the Environment and hence restricted for use. 


Establishing a System that helps you manage Chemicals is called a Chemical Management System (CMS). A robust CMS reduces the risk of harmful exposures to Workers, environment and customers.


This Training Course on 'Chemical Management for Compliance' will help you enhance your Chemical Management performance and help reduce risks to your Organisation, customers, workers and the Environment. The Training course provides guidelines and will handhold you to implement a robust system for managing Chemicals and their hazards.


Course Structure

This Training is organised into the following Sections:


Section 1 - Introduction to Chemical Management

Section 2 - Elements of a Chemical Management System for Compliance

  • Commitment of the Facility to implementing CMS
  • CMS Policy and Action Plan 
  • Assessing Chemical Risks and developing a Purchasing Policy 
  • Training and Awareness Workshops
  • Continuous Improvement - CMS Review



4500 INR

Each At




On completion of this module, you will:

  • Understand Chemicals used in Textiles, Hazardous Chemicals and the need to manage them
  • Environmental exposure pathways
  • Establish a chemical management system at your facility
  • Be able to identify hazards in a chemical using the Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Conduct Chemical Risk Assessments 



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