Alkylphenol Ethoxylates commonly known as APEOs are a group of synthetic chemicals which are widely used as surfactants or emulsifiers across all stages of textile production. These chemicals are known to breakdown until further degradation is not possible. At this point the chemical substance remains in the environment and causes harm to the surroundings as well as to the human health.

This training course on APEOs explains the background and chemistry of APEOs; and it’s sources in the textile industry. The course also discusses the chemical’s impact on human health and the environment. The training will also impart knowledge on implementing strategies for APEO elimination and monitoring APEOs for RSL and MRSL compliance. Learners will understand the steps to conduct root cause analysis for APEO failure and develop corrective action plan for the same.

Learners after taking the course and completing the exam will receive a certificate of Achievement. The course provides additional downloadable resource material that can be used for future reference. The duration of the training is around 60 minutes.


  • Section 1 : Background on APEOs
  • Section 2 : Potential sources of APEOs in the Textile supply chain
  • Section 3 : Restrictions on APEOs
  • Section 4 : APEO Elimination Strategy


2500 INR

Each At




5 Days


  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Dyehouse Managers
  • Garment Washing Units
  • Leather Processors
  • Production Managers
  • Quality Managers


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