Safety Data Sheet is a detailed informational document prepared by the Chemical Manufacturer or Importer of a Hazardous chemical. It describes the physical and chemical properties of the product.


NimkarTek’s Training Course on ‘Fundamentals of GHS Safety Data Sheet’ is intended to provide hazard information according to the Globally harmonized system of classification or GHS.


Through this course the learners will also be able to understand information such as

  • Physical data,
  • Toxicity data,
  • Health effects,
  • First aid,
  • Storage,
  • Disposal,
  • Protective equipment, and
  • Spill/leak procedures.


GHS Safety data sheet acts as a tool to provide information on the chemical substance or mixture to the chemical suppliers, workers, emergency responders in order to ensure safe handling and use of chemicals.


The technical content in this course is interspersed with Activities, Case Studies, and downloadable Resource Materials.


The duration of this training 120 minutes. Participants have 30 days to complete this training course. The course is self-paced and online, so it is entirely up to the participant to manage their own time.


Training Audience

This course has been designed for Chemical Formulators, Manufacturers, Workers, Emergency Responders and Traders.


The topics covered through this training course include -

  • Importance of Safety Data Sheet
  • General guidelines of authoring SDS
  • 16 sections of SDS


6500 INR

Each At




30 Days


  • Chemical Manufacturers and Formulators
  • Chemical Suppliers and Traders
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Personnel
  • Product Development Personnel
  • Emergency Responders


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