Course Overview

Welcome to this E-Learning Program on the Higg Facility Environmental Module. This online training course has been designed to provide suppliers with an overview of the requirements outlined in the Higg FEM.  This program has been developed by Textile and Industry experts at NimkarTek Technical Services based on the "How to Higg Guide V3.4" published by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The Introductory Higg FEM Training Program is structured in 2 parts:


  • Course 1 : Introduction to Higg FEM
  • Course 2 : Introduction to Higg FEM Sections


The Online Training program is run entirely online in the form of an audio visual learning.  The Technical Content in the Training is interspersed with Activities, Knowledge Checks, and downloadable Resource Materials. This Training Program must be taken in a linear manner. Only after the first course has been completed, will you be able to move to the next course. Please note, you have 15 days to complete both courses.  

Course Structure

Course 1 :  Introduction to Higg FEM

This course will provide you with an introduction on how to access and navigate the Higg FEM.  Additionally, the following topics will be covered in the Training:

    • Introduction to Sustainable Apparel Coalition

    • Background, purpose, structure and intent of Higg FEM

    • Higg FEM Purchasing

    • Higg FEM Scoring and Verification

    • Understanding the FEM Results


The duration of this course is 60 minutes.



Course 2 : Introduction to Higg FEM Sections

This course provides a brief overview of the 7 environmental impact areas covered in the Higg FEM.  The following topics will be covered in the Training:

  • Facility Site Information and Permits

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Energy

  • Water Use

  • Wastewater

  • Air Emissions

  • Waste

  • Chemicals Management


The duration of this course is 120 minutes.


8500 INR

Each At



Course 1 : After completing this training, participants would understand :

  • The purpose of Higg FEM Self Assessment

  • Steps to access and navigate the Higg FEM Portal

  • How to interpret Higg FEM Results

  • The criteria for Higg FEM Verifications (vFEM)


Course 2 : At the end of this training, participants will understand :

  • The requirements listed in the Higg FEM for each environmental impact areas

  • What is expected while filling out the Higg Self Assessment

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